traveller signs

10 signs you are a traveller

So you think you’re a traveller? Identify the signs you are a traveller to find out! But what actually differentiates a traveller from a holiday maker? Find all the answers to your questions here…


When asked what your hobby is, travel is at the top of the list.



Most of your stories start with “When I was in ….”



You get withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t travelled for a few months or feel the need to plan your next trip before coming home from your current trip.



You do not see it as strange to wear flip flops in the shower.



You have the ability to make new friends everywhere and in most situations; on the train, at a viewpoint and even in moments of mayhem.



You know what the phrase “visa run” means.



You are happy to sleep anywhere as long as it is cheap.



You have no issues with sharing a room with that stranger whom you only know as French girl, Australia etc.



You plan your future trips around promises made by friends you have met on the way of meeting up in their home town.



You know how to say hello, goodbye, cheers and how to ask for a beer in multiple languages.


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