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I do not understand the Pokemon craze!

I have never really understood the craze of Pokemon Go. As my path has never crossed with a Pokemon-goer, it has never mattered to me that much. Imagine my surprise whilst in a beautiful park in Oslo, Norway, our paths collided!


There were at least 50-60 people with their heads deep in their phone and standing within the frames of tourist’s photos. They were using their power packs to charge their phones for a game rather than to take photos of lasting memories.  It made me ponder for a moment. Why were they not enjoying this wonderful place? Why were they not enjoying the culture of the city? Why come here at all?


I felt it ruined the atmosphere of touristic places but could I be wrong? So, once leaving Norway I did a little online research on Pokemon Go. Was I missing something? Is there something about the Pokemon Go craze that I failed to get a good grasp of?


Interestingly, during my research, I discovered that places use Pokemon Go to bring people to their city. It attracts Pokemon tourists. Perhaps, Pokemon were helping tourist boards. I thought further. Once I was a child uninterested in culture, as well. I had been dragged around, sulking, by my parents. I am pretty sure that I would have benefited from an incentive of cartoon characters.


So either love it or hate it. Pokemon Go is here to stay . . . until the next craze kicks in.

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