Simple practices that can let you live a happier life

“How to live a happier life” is definitely among the most commonly asked questions by modern-day people. Due to various reasons, people’s lives have become pretty complicated, even if they have “enough” money. Well, if you are among the millions of people who search of a happier life, try to practice the following simple things and see if they can do any difference.


1. Watch a comedy movie once in a while

At least once a week, you should watch a good comedy movie that has a very simple plot (movies with too complicated plots can make the situation worse). A good comedy movie can practically make you laugh out loud and it is great stress reliever for anybody. Such movie can refresh your mind and keep you energised. It is much better if you can watch such movie with your partner or family (to laugh together). Other than the movies, there are plenty of stand-up comedy clips on YouTube as well to consider.


2. Get rid of electronic devices when you go to bed

Finish your chats, phone calls and emails before you go to bed. Switch off your mobile phones, laptops and tabs and keep them away from the bed. You must always remember that your bed is there to have some sleep (and for some romance); it is not your workstation.


3. Engage in physical activities

Try to engage in some physical activity frequently. This doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym; you can consider activities like jogging, walking, cycling and swimming. If you find it hard to leave the house regularly (because of the kids), you can consider engaging in a sport (softball, badminton or even a skipping-rope) with them. Such sporting activity can strengthen the bond between you and your kids (and that is a bonus!).


4. Eat healthily

You don’t have to spend more in order to eat healthily. In fact, you can eat healthy food for less money that you would otherwise spend on junk food. Always try to prepare your meal at home (probably with your partner). If cooking your food at home is not possible every day, you should do so whenever it is possible, at the least. There are hundreds of thousands of delicious but simple and affordable recipes to try. Such activity can bring you and your partner closer too.


5. Plan a vacation

You don’t have to spend a fortune to go on a vacation; there are plenty of ways to plan your vacation on an affordable budget. There can be plenty of vacation spots in your country itself if you do a good research. So, plan your vacation ahead (you should start planning it from the beginning of the year) to match a desirable budget. In fact, this plan itself can keep you motivated and happy throughout the year.


Other than that, you should be thankful to you for what you are at the moment. If you are going through a hard time, you must consider it as a temporarily issue; hard times always teach you precious lessons which can be really useful for the rest of your lifetime.

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