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6 Small Tips to Make Life Better in 2018

Life isn’t always easy—for many people, it can be frustrating to struggle through the week, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed with work, errands, childcare or even simply taking care of yourself. But while magazines and social media may make it seem like you must turn your world upside down to achieve a little happiness, you don’t have to completely change your world to make life better in 2018. The following are some small, easy changes you can make in 2018 to make your life better in the new year.


Change #1: Set aside at least 30 minutes of personal time each day


It can be had to find time for yourself. A lack of free time can contribute to feelings of stress and depression, which is why setting aside just 30 minutes every day for yourself can make a world of difference. Thirty minutes is enough time to read a chapter in a new book, do some journaling, watch an episode of your favourite TV show, take a short but relaxing bath—the choices are endless. You will find that this little slice of “me time” every day will help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life.


Change #2: Change your diet… just a little


It may be tempting to say that you’re going to completely overhaul your diet in one fell swoop, but most people find it very hard to suddenly eat a strict, healthy, no-nonsense diet all at once. Instead of trying to make a radical change, change your diet just a little bit every month. For instance, one month you can gradually cut down your consumption of sugary drinks like soda pop and sweetened, sugar-filled juices. The next month you can add 2 cups of vegetables to every dinner—and so on. Go slow, keep it simple, and before long you’ll find yourself happy with a healthier diet.


Change #3: Keep fresh flowers around


Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers. Not only does a bouquet of fresh flowers look beautiful sitting on your kitchen counter, living room coffee table or bedroom dresser, flowers help the room look and feel brighter and more natural. Natural décor like flowers or plants can help elevate your mood simply by existing! If you live in a warm climate or don’t mind waiting until spring, you can even plant your own flowers to harvest from a personal garden.


Change #4: Take a walk every day


Exercise doesn’t just keep your body healthy—it keeps you happy as well. In addition to regular cardio or aerobic exercise throughout the week, you should add a short walk (it can be as short as 5-10 minutes if you’re pressed for time) every day. Bonus points if it’s outside—but a brisk walk down to the lobby from your office never hurt, either. You will soon find that your daily walks help reduce stress, promote alertness, and keep your mind and body energised.


These 4 small changes are simple, easy to do, and will help you improve your life in 2018.


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